Swagz.i talks about fashion collection for his latest single “Enough for You” and partnering with renowned fashion connoisseur Michael Odyssey.

Ibrahim Mustapha Oluwadurotimi is a Nigeria fast rising act also known as “Swagz.i” releases the fashion collection for his latest single “Enough for You”. Swagz,i who released his latest single on the 3rd of July 2020 has been getting quite an impressive reception so far.

The New fashion collection is in collaboration with renowned fashion connoisseur Michael Odyssey.
Michael Odyssey whose brand journey has basically grew from making simple screen-printed sweatshirts to creating individual pieces for A list celebrities. Michael Odyssey has worked with established and popular entertainment act such as DjSpinall,Joeboy, Oxlade, Dj Kaywise, TG Omori, Ckay, ChinkoEkun and lots more. We had a short chat with Swagz,I as he sheds more light on the Fashion collection and his collaboration with Michael Odyssey.

• Tell us about the Fashion collection
Apparently its just a series of sophisticated and fashionable outfit put together for my audience and supporters using my new single “Enough for You’ but this time in collaboration with Michael Odyssey.

   • Aside music, you’re popularly known as someone who loves dressing and looking fly.Tell us about that side of you, Funny enough looking fly and stuff isn’t really intentional as people perceive it. I’m just a kind of person that if I don’t dress to my taste  i wont be confident in public and aside that I just feel my name gives more reason not to ever be caught unfresh in public “laughs”.

                                               What inspired this Fashion collection?
So sometime late last year I attended the Gtb Fashion Weekend with the actual intention of just chilling with my friends because I have quite a number of friends that are fashion enthusiast, I couldn’t make it to the first day because I hadn’t gotten my outfit ready, so towards mid afternoon on the first day I called Michael Odyssey and briefed him the outfit concept I had in my head and we made it in less than 24hrs.
Fortunately I made it to the second day and it was hell of a dramatic day in Gtb Fashion Weekend with my outfit like it was literally unbelievable because tons of photographers, cinematographers, fashion enthusiasts, passersby where just taking pictures of me and my outfit it was so bad to the extent that I had to look for somewhere to hide because the paparazzi was on overload.
I had series of dms and calls of people saying my outfit was televised after the event even months after. In my mind I was just amazed because I literally had that outfit made in less than 24hrs and that wasn’t even my best shot. So, i was like if i actually had time to make proper preparations it means by now i would probably have just been the next poster boy for Gtb Fashion Weekend “laughs’. However, after that event my love for fashion grew stronger and I was like I’m definitely having something to do with fashion in coming years.

• Interesting! What brought about the partnership with Michael Odyssey?
We’ve worked quite a number of times and I feel he’s the best shot to what I’m trying to achieve with this project. When I has the idea, I called him to arrange a meeting then i tabled the whole idea to him and he was really cool and down for it.

                             • What should we be expecting on this project?
Firstly, I’m really glad the idea was brought to life, big shout out to some close friends of mine that also contributed ideas in making this work. Like I said in my previous interviews I have quite a lot in store for the “Enough for You” project this is just one of them and hopefully it goes well beyond my expectations positively.

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