Some couples are currently undergoing these surgeries to enhance their s3x life and strengthen their marriage.


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Dr Lucy Glancey says there has been a surge in couples signing up for the genital matching service.

In fact, it’s grown in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic, says the UK doctor.

Consultations are given to measure and match up the couple, before offering the necessary procedure to make them a “perfect fit”.

The friction introduced by “well fitting” genitals is proven to improve s3xual pleasure for both partners.

It can even strengthen orgasms by “ultimately depending on the degree of friction produced during intercourse”, explains Dr Lucy.

She told FEMAIL: “This is one of the reasons why men who frequently masturbate find it difficult to climax during s3x with a woman because they are used to producing a ‘perfect fit’ of their hand, which fits like a glove over their p3nis compared to being with a female partner.

“Therefore a couple’s s3xual enjoyment and ability to climax does in part rely on their genitals matching up in size.

“Over the years the p3nis does not change significantly in terms of thickness. However the vagina does and that could be due to two main reasons.”

She said that pregnancy and a man’s age could be some of the reasons for couples considering the genital matchmaking procedure.

According to Dr Lucy, many women might even opt for vaginal tightening after childbirth.

And another reason is because women are embarrassed by the noise they sometimes produce during sex – when the air gets in between the vagina and p3nis.

She continued: “Or their husband prefers to have anal s3x with them because there is no better fit there which upsets them. Also during pregnancy and childbirth the labia can stretch and protrude and get in the way which produces discomfort for the woman.”

The doctor believes the treatments have saved many people’s marriages as couple’s who have good sex “will stay together despite their differences in other areas”.

Dr Lucy explained: “Even if the woman is not so happy about their appearance if she knows that she is making her husband happy in bed she is more confident.

“The things we can do for the female patient is a combination of a nonsurgical vaginal tightening and surgical labiaplasty. This gives a ‘tidy’ look on the outside plus stops the protruding labia getting in the way.

“It also improves vaginal laxity so they can experience more enjoyment from intercourse as well as their partner too.

“On top of that enhancement of the p3nis girth can bring even better fit. Each couple is assessed individually.”

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