It was drama over the weekend before and after eviction especially when Lucy and Nengi dragged each other.

Nengi and Lucy
Nengi and Lucy
There was serious drama in the Big Brother Naija over the weekend.
Two housemates, Nengi and Lucy took things a bit far after the bad blood between the two escalated.
Nengi had tackled Lucy for saying she has nothing to offer.
It all started when Nengi engaged fellow housemate Ozo in a conversation where she ranted about the gossips going on about her, and how Lucy said she has nothing to offer.
Nengi dragged Lucy in the presence of Ozo, insisting that Lucy can never stand where she is standing, if not for Big Brother reality show.
According to Nengi, she came into the house and humbled herself and now she’s regretting it because the housemates are now riding her and seeing her as a nobody.
“On a normal day, Lucy can’t stand where I am standing”, Nengi bragged.

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