Attention Seeking Ass B*tch - Dorathy Blast Nengi Over Ozo

More and More Drama continues to unfold from last night’s BBNaija Saturday party as Dorathy continues to throw shades at Nengi.
So last night , your Favorite girl Nengi had too much to drink, as a result vomited whileusing the Restroom and guess who was there for her, Ozo the CEO of Entanglement or like we say , Situation-ships.

Dorathy saw it all last night , from Ozo sticking with Nengi at the party to now getting

to know he was Nengi’s light and shinning armor while she was having a drunk moment leading to her vomiting.

She just couldn’t take it anymore and all her actions and reactions from the after party

sums it all up , from telling Ka3na she likes Ozo has a friend but been tired of his

Entanglement drama and then later in the night venting out her frustration to Erica while bed.

Which lead her to calling out Nengi has an attention seeker, a woman who likes to be the

center of everything in the House, while also telling her to fuck off and calling her an attention seeking Ass Bitch.

watch the Video below:


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