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Ibrahim Mustapha Oluwadurotimi

Ibrahim Mustapha Oluwadurotimi is a Nigerian fast rising act also known as “Swagz.i” set to drop his much anticipated single “Enough for You” this Friday 3rd July. The song, comes after his debut EP The Perfect Picture which was released mid last year.

Swagz.i has been doing a lot of explanation about the song. He recently made a 60 seconds video on Instagram weeks back narrating the story line behind the song. According to the Sound Oracle himself, “Enough for You” was made out of a conversation he had with his cheating ex girlfriend, where she ended a conversation with “even if a guy is Jesus he can never be enough for me”.

Swagz.i also known for continuous reflection on his life experiences and tell stories through his songs added that “this statement led to the end of the relationship as I continuously ask myself if theirs is actually anything enough to please a girl”

Swagz.i who posted the official artwork earlier today depict a center image of romantic cuddle with a girl surrounded with flowers. “The song even when you first listen to it you connect the story, I wanted something more real than previous stories told in my past songs taking my audience through a journey they get to easily relate to”

“If your friends want to call you mad tell them love is blind o” On ‘Enough for You Swagz.i says Enough for You also addresses peer pressure from girls when it comes to relationship as most times what influence a girl decision in a relationship sometimes are the set of company she keeps”

Swagz.i is one of the fast rising new school Afrobeat acts who is known for fashion prowess,creativity and stunning charisma

which have made him standout within the Afrobeats music scene.”This record is definitely going to be Enough for You” Swagz.i declares.

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