A Nigerian TV girl and well known YouTuber, Eloho Idono, has in a new post on her Instagram stories, asked people to stop telling people to help their families before doing giveaways.

Although it’s been around for a while, the indulgence of giveaways became quite prominent on Nigerian social media during the emergency lockdown where people were asked to stay indoors so as to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Celebrities, socialites and even random people did giveaways of different sorts so as to either help people who were in need or gather traffic to their brand, or both.

In course of this, some critic netizens who’d feel an individual shouldn’t be doing giveaways would ask that they use the money to take care of their families instead — it’s people like these that TV girl, Eloho refer to in her recent IG post.

She says these critics should allow those who want to do giveaway, have their way if they want to and not ask them to use the money to take care of their families; people who she classifies as “entitled goats”.

She wrote,


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