Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Eriata Ese, who was a fake housemate at her time in the Big Brother Naija house, has given her stance on how she would rather the world perceive her.

According to the entertainer and entrepreneur, in a recent post on her social media page, she would rather be a queen in her own kingdom and let the world view her as a slave than be a queen to people and be a slave to herself.

She wrote in a post where one of her followers shared how impressed they are of her lifestyle,

I refuse to be under pressure, no matter what! I live the life I can afford online or offline, all I do; I do for me not for anyone, I can’t struggle to impress pple who don’t know the pain and stress I go through

In a follow up post, she wrote,

I’ll rather be a queen in my kingdom and let the world think I’m a slave, than being a queen in the eyes of people and be a slave to myself, in the end I’m the one wearing the shoe and it should never be uncomfortable. That’s what smart people do!


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