In the latest development of the Hushpuppi fraud case, a new video by the Dubai police detailing how the arrest of Nigerian Dubai-based big boy was effected has begun trending on social media.

It should be recalled that earlier this month, it was reported that the Dubai Interpol and the FBI apprehended the Big Boy in his residence in the United Arab Emirates country.

The story of his arrest has since been serving rounds on social media with a lot of people elated that the flamboyant socialite has finally met his woe.

In a new video that’s currently trending on social media, a video released by the Dubai police details how the arrest of Hushpuppi was effected.

In the video, it’s revealed that the socialite was apprehended alongside twelve other syndicates. Following their arrest, it’s revealed that they hack corporate emails and clone websites to redirect payments to their own accounts.

About 1.6bn Dhirams stolen was stolen by them, they had over 1.9m victims, over 25m Dhirams in cars, 150m worth in items. The video shared by the Dubai Police instigates their commitment in fighting crime and corruption in their country.

The video has since gone viral on the internet with Nigerians having a lot to say about the situation… Reactions from Nigerians as they unfold will be shared shortly.

Here’s the video,


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